Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's officially snowing. (Blizzard 1400 hours)

So at about 13:45 I looked outside and it was blowing big time.  I also noticed that the flurries we'd had were more snowish.  So I went out to shoot.  It's now 14:20 and the flakes are bigger and coming down with purpose.  I'm thinking that blizzard someone ordered is here.  Oh, and the wind.  It's gotten very, very windy.  As much as I want to see what's happening on the lake, the five or ten minutes it took me to do my hourly update was enough 'outside' for a while.  Bummer.

Anyway... we've picked up about an inch.

1400 - almost 3 inches on the ground

So here's our gauge.  Almost three inches now.  You can also see now, that there's about an inch (from around 9 to almost 10) built up on the fence bar.

Car at 1400
 There's now a dusting, but just a dusting on the hood and roof of the car. 
Fireplug at 1400

The fireplug doesn't have any more snow on it, but it's starting to get swallowed by the snow accumulating around it.  Weirdly enough the collar in the middle of it keeps the ground directly below and around the pipe free from snow.
Here's the street.  In the five minutes I was out there, UPS, FedEx, RCM Cable and the Post Office were all trying to get my block covered and get out of here.  I talked to my post-person.  She liked my little gauge and was saying it was very unlikely she'd get called off work tomorrow.  If you see your letter carrier and they're fighting this weather, say something nice to them.  This has to really suck for them.

Someone enjoys the snow.
 Literally everyone and their dog is out trying to get stuff covered before it gets any worse.  There were three or four dogs out while I was shooting and most of them seemed to be having a good time rolling and sniffing at the snow.  The humans?  Let's just say they're less enthusiastic.

I can't tell if this is a case of some building owners/managers have decided to try to get ahead of the snow and some have said, "Screw it, we're doomed"; or if the snow is accumulating weirdly at one end of the street.

15:00 should be plenty interesting given how hard it's coming down now.  15:00 is also, not so coincidentally, the official start of the blizzard warning.

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