Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2 - 0900 hours... part 2

Okay, the rest of the 'what I woke up to' shots...

Why All Good Doors Open In
 My front door.  It's a very good thing it opens in. It's hard to see, but it's about 2 feet high against the door.  Someone shoveled a one-shovel-width path in the middle of the walk about 4 inches before I woke up.  But you had to go through the two feet against the door to get to it!
Puppy Plows Through the Snow
Dogs continue to love it. This isn't the same mountain dog I saw last night, according to the owner, but it looks like him.  Anyway, he just kept running up and plowing into the drifts and rolling around and having a blast.

One Foot, Two Feet Deep
Perspective is so hard to gauge in the snow.  This is my footprint from where I stepped off the curb and between two cars.  I found myself up to my hip in snow.  The good news is, the snow is still light and fluffy and pristine so it wasn't hard to pull myself out.

Where the Sidewalk - and property line - Ends

Where the sidewalk ends... apparently at the property line.  But I love how it looks like someone cut a slice out of the snow.

Angel over Asphalt
This is the *middle* of my street!  A neighbor was out walking with her friend and  we were talking about how awesome the snow is (when you don't need to go anywhere and can just play in it.)  So she made a snow angel in the middle of our unplowed, undriven-on street.
Snow-one's Going Anywhere

This is our street.  Now you can see how and why she could do that. :)
Winter Marches On

Okay more arty-pictures.  Snow does make for fascinating patterns and contrasts.

Tree Wears a Coat of Snow

A close up of the snow embedded in the bark of a sleeping tree.

Up next... the 24 hour mark.


  1. I saw your snow measuring post on Agatite and couldn't help but check it out. Great photographs!

  2. Awesome! Advertising that works! :) So glad you stopped by. Thanks very much, I'm glad you liked the shots. Good luck digging out. Maybe we'll see a plow sometime next week. :)

  3. I posted a few pictures on my flickr page. :)

  4. Tom, Nice shots! I see my snow-mushroom of a car in a few of them.:)