Tuesday, February 1, 2011

16:00 - This is getting to be less fun.

Okay, when I went out at 11:00 this morning it was nice, drifty snow.  No big deal.  I spent about 20 minutes wandering around looking for things that looked interesting in snow.

The 16:00 shoot?  5 minutes.  Go out, snap the gauge, the car, the fireplug, the road and go back in.  News just mentioned 40 mph gusts of wind.  No thank you!  I suspect that very soon I'll need to start shooting with my flash.  When that happens I'll need to decide if I want to muck with my tripod and shooting in this weather with long exposures, if I want to use my lame little built in flash, or if I just want to shoot the gauge and call it an hour.  Hm...  We'll see how the night goes.

16:00 - It's getting deeper...
 About 3/4 inch in the last hour.  And I realized that my gauge is set up in a fairly sheltered spot.  The wind is blowing *into* the building in front of the fence, in front of the gauge.  I suspect if this were on the other side of the street we'd see higher totals.  Not that this isn't enough.  This is totally enough!
It's starting to blend in...

Clearly I'm going to be hitting the CTA for a while after this is over.
 Again, the fireplug is there, the curb is disappearing...

There Used to be a Street Here Somewhere.

The street is all but gone.  And like I said earlier, I'll be amazed if we see a plow in the next 48 hours.

And now... a few random terms so my blog will come up in Google searches and such... #snomg, snotoriousBIG, chicago weather, chicago blizzard, blizzard of 2011, 2011 blizzard.

Holler if you can think of anything I may have forgotten. :)


  1. Sis pointed out that snotoriousBLIZ would be better.

    And trust me, we're getting about the same thing down here in KC, it's BAD out there. Stay warm and snuggly!

  2. Hee! This storm has more nicknames than I do. ;)

    I'm doing three minute dash-out/dash-ins, so it's not so bad. As it gets dark, it's getting colder, but I'm not out there for a long time or anything.

    Though, I gotta say, if we get less than about 18 inches, I'm going to be pretty disappointed.