Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15:00 - We're in it now!

Okay, it's officially nasty out.  Snow is sticking to vertical surfaces, melting on my glasses and camera and blowing hard enough at times to sting when it hits my face.

Fittingly for 3:00 we have exactly 3 inches of snow.

And now, to put this thing in perspective... this is a shot of the current storm from NASA.  I'm right in the middle of this thing:

 Impressive, no?
Bush collects snow
 Just for something a little different... I've always liked the way snow accumulates on evergreen boughs.
Car at 15:00

The snow is now accumulating in cracks, like where the hood meets the body or the window meets the door.  It's also just plain sticking to the vertical surface of the doors.

 Oddly the fireplug doesn't seem to be getting buried, but the curb is disappearing.  See the little tiny yellow bit on the corner?  Scroll up - there was a lot more of that visible this morning!
Sidewalk Disappearing
 The sidewalk that was shoveled earlier?  Not so much with that now.  This shot also shows how much the wind is blowing the snow around.  You can't even see the trees at the end of the street.

15:00 - here's the street. 

Getting really bad again.  It's that kind of packed snow that everything slides on - especially if you try to hit the breaks to NOT slide on things.

There's a news break on right now.  They're asking people not to throw their snow in the streets.  No, because the Streets and San people will need that space to throw THEIR snow.

CPS - amazingly - is having a snow day tomorrow.  In my 10 years of living here, they've never once canceled school.  They don't think it's safe enough for kids to go to school in this weather.  However, principals, asst. principals, lunch room managers, security guards and custodians?  You're all hosed.  They expect you to show up anyway.  Teachers and teaching assistants can stay home.  I'll never understand the logic that says it's too unsafe for some people to go somewhere they don't absolutely have to be (like say a hospital or fire department), but it's safe enough for others.  Oy.

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