Tuesday, February 1, 2011

High Noon and All's Well (Blizzard: 1200 hours)

Okay, it occurs to me that given that we're looking at a 24 hour inundation period, maybe I should speak in military time.  So I'm going to try that.

Anyway, it's noon here and... nothing's changed.

Noon: Still at 2 inches
Still no snow on the car
Still just a dusting on the fireplug

And the street looks *better* now with another hour of traffic on it.
So, given that nothing interesting happened in the last hour, I think I'm going to skip the 1:00 update (unless I look outside and see something interesting).  I'll do 2:00 (1400 hours) because I want to see where we are right before the 3:00 (1500 hours, 1500 hours... I keep saying I'm going to use military time...)  Anyway, right before the real storm is supposed to set in.  I want to know where we are then so we can watch the accumulation set in. :)

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