Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicago Gay Pride Parade - Post 4 - Signs of the Times (gamma) - 6.24.12

More signs.  I think there are three more posts worth of signs.  And then one of t-shirts.  And then I go to the next big folder.

I really love that balloon sign.  Actually I loved most of the balloon art, but this just struck me as the kind of thing that should be on a book cover or DVD cover of the parade.

 Even in a subculture, there are subcultures.  This is just one of them.
 I liked the visual here.  It was the back of a jewelry shop float.  I don't think I've seen an *actual* wedding car with tin cans on it in years, but I kind of love that theses guys painted the cans to just make them part of the decoration.  Very cute!
 I mentioned yesterday that there's been some reclaiming of words and expressions that have typically been viewed as offensive.  I kind of love the twist on that idea used here.
And to leave off with today... there was this weird thing from an anti-Romney group.  The sign says "Free haircuts from Romney".  I think I missed a joke somewhere.  I'd get it if it were a John Edwards joke, but what's the connection between Romney and haircuts?

I do get what they're doing with the guy in the cage on top of the car.  It's a bit... odd... to play it out with a human who isn't even dressed like a dog, but there it is.  I love the safety precaution of the guy wearing a bike helmet.

It's a theater group's presentation, but I'm not sure it really says anything to me about their acting or their shows... it just tells me they don't like Romney.  Which, you know, cool... but also?  A but weird.

More signs tomorrow.

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  1. wow that is a weird one. Thanks for posting these, I'm enjoying the parade vicariously!