Friday, June 29, 2012

Chicago Gay Pride Parade - Post 3 - Signs of the Times (beta) - 6.24.12

I'm still working on the signs.  There are... many.  So I'll toss up a few more before I go to bed tonight.  The heat in Chicago this week has been ridiculous.  It was 101 yesterday - our first actual 100+ degree day in 7 years.  They were talking about heat indexes around 114.

So when they say tomorrow will be a high of 87 it doesn't sound quite so bad.  So I'll probably go out early and hike the Magic Hedge... and get even further and further behind in my posting of things recent, but my break from work is very short and I do want to get in as much shooting as I can before I have very, very little time.


This one confused me a bit.  Clearly the comma is important - the sign is in the comma shape.  But a comma means, "I'm going to say something more in just a second"... but they don't.  Or God doesn't or... something.

And were they thinking there was a group somewhere who had decided God was done talking?  Like forever?

Like I said, I didn't quite follow.
This is very sweet.  I have no idea who Dawn is or what happened to her, but the sign is a nice sentiment.  (If you can't blow the shot up for whatever reason, his sign says, "Dear Dawn, We wish you a speedy recovery. Feel better soon!")
The Green Party's group.

Now, I have no idea if this girl was actually, like, elected as some sort of representative or if there was a pageant or if she just crowned herself, but she's apparently the Green Queen.

So... they're the party that says neither the Democrats nor the Republicans are liberal enough... yet she thinks a monarch is a good symbol for a more representative government?
"Car chalk" was a bit of thing this year.  I'll show more of this entry later, but this was a van from a cat rescue/rehoming operation called The Tree House.  They do awesome work.  And I found this car hysterical.  Some of the commentary is a little grown up, but that's okay.  I'm over 21.  :)  I find it hysterical that someone colored the door with the "Nyan Cat" running joke.  If you've never heard of Nyan Cat, google it.  It's... weird.  Harmless and inoffensive from everything I've seen, but weird.  He's part Pop-Tart, part cat.  So... yeah, whatever.  Anyway, there's Nyan Cat and then every 'pussy' joke they could think of.  "You'll love our pussies,"  "Best pussy in town"...  You get their drift.

I work in an area where there's frequently discussions of 'reclaiming' certain offensive terms.  I hadn't realized that that attitude had moved into the LGBT community until I saw this sign.

Okay, that's five.  Tomorrow I should have more time to do more sorting and editing so that I get back to posting on a more regular basis.

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