Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chicago Gay Pride Parade - Post 5 - Signs of the Times (delta) - 6.24.12

Okay, one more set of random signs.  (Then a set of less-than-random signs, then t-shirt 'signs'...)  I'm starting to get the idea I could be posting this parade until Halloween. :p

 Okay, so this group is here every year.  I guess as a female I don't really get to have an opinion on this, but it seems that the only time I hear about this (supposedly) massive movement to leave little boys intact is at the Pride parade.  Is it that big of a deal?

I will say this: they have a bucketload of information on their signs, which typically go by pretty fast.    So apparently there are two websites about restoring a removed foreskin and two on how to end circumcision.   But the fun stuff is in the small print.  On the left, "Over 200,000 men are restoring their foreskins."  And all I can think is, "Right now?  This second?"  And how do you even *get* stats like this?

On the right it says "About half of US boys are being left intact.  Two-thirds in the four Western states."  Which has me going, "Why do we need that geographical breakdown?"  And also, "Is Alaska the fourth?  Or Hawai'i?" I'm assuming the first three are California, Oregon and Washington.  But then I come back to... why do we care about the geography of it all?

 This sign gets the pendant in me all worked up.

First of all, how do you ask a baby? Second of all, little girls don't even know that the body part in question even exists, so I can't imagine they have any opinion on the matter at all.

And then the whole "Male is not a diagnosis" thing.  I'm pretty sure no one is saying it is.  Since circumcision is cosmetic surgery, of a sort, that would be like someone who says a woman who just decides she needs breast augmentation is saying that 'female is a diagnosis'?  Does that make sense?  Not to me.

But like I said, it's not a debate I wade hip deep into since a.) I don't have the body part in question and b.) I don't have a son I need to make the decision for.

 Okay, back to the less controversial.  More cool signs by the ACLU.  At least I think it's ACLU.  It could have been part of the PFLAG group.
 I do love that for all the very carefully prepared, fancy-pants signs that we get at the Pride Parade, we also get someone who just has an opinion and wants to share it.

I also like her opinion. :)
Ah!  This is the other ACLU sign picture I was thinking of.  So I guess the one above was PFLAG.

Alright... that's all the random signs.  Tomorrow is signs from a new group (at least that I don't remember seeing before), then t-shirts with opinions. :)

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  1. Hi,
    The anti-circumcision signs with the fine print are usually on a vehicle that is moving slowly and steadily for easy reading.

    Babies DO oppose circumcision. It's obvious because they scream their heads off. Go watch one at YouTube that has the full sound. Girls scream too when they're cut.

    It's important to note that "male is not a diagnosis" because without a defect or disease it is highly unethical to do (or even solicit) surgery without the rational informed consent of the patient. Somehow this breach of ethics is only allowed with the genitals, when it's a male, and he's a child.

    And it's important to be informed so you can fight for a child's basic human rights. Do you tacitly allow folks to cut girls' genitals? No, because you believe in defending the defenseless.