Monday, August 9, 2010

Chicago Botanic Garden - 7.25.10

So one of the great things about the Chicago Botanic Garden is that it changes monthly (or so) as new flowers go in and others go out of season.  When I went in the spring it was all about the bulb flowers - daffodils, tulip and the like.  Last month there were a lot more perennials like roses.

I fell in love with the water lilies, also known as lotus flowers.

Here's one with a bee on it. Nope... wait... Google tells me that's a yellow jacket.  A wasp, not a bee at all. [Yellow Jacket on a Lily in the Evening]
Same flower, different lighting.  I took this trip with a friend and we started near the lilies and ended there too.  Over the course of about six hours the lighting changed from full daylight around noon to evening light.  What a difference! And still attracting the yellow jackets.  This one makes me think of a watercolor.   [Water Lily at Midday]

An eastern pondhawk dragonfly on an opening lily. [Dragonfly on Lotus]

 I love the abstract made from isolating a small part of the lotus flower.  The white/pink tips, the shadows...

[Inner Lotus]

 Here's one in context.

[Lotus Unfolds]

I love this one not only because it's purple, but because you can see the yellow through the purple petals at the bottom.

[Purple and Yellow Lotus]

  Check out this bee!  None of my resources seem to be able to tell me what kind he is.  In other shots I got of him I was able to see that he has one yellow band behind his head and two on his lower abdomen.  He's fuzzy from shoulder to stinger.  That tan patch that looks like it's on his back is actually on the top joint of his leg.  Anyone have a clue? [Big Bee in Midflight]
These lilies are about the size of a small dinner plate.  Huge!  They're called Magic Lilies.
[Magic Lilies]

Here's one in isolation.  I love how the pistol and stamen are so prominent in this flower.

[Magic Lily Stretches for the Sky]

The roses were out and gorgeous, but the sun was so intense that day and at that time, that they were really tough to shoot.

[Peach Rosebud Unfolds]

Alright, ten pictures make a post.  Just a quick note to let you all know that my photography is for sale at my etsy site (  If there's a shot you see here on the blog that you'd like a copy of, please let me know and we'll set that up. :)

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