Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lincoln Park Conservatory - 8.21.10 - Post 3

This will be a short post to finish up the LPC part of the trip.

We were told these are dates and when I Google dates, they certainly look like dates in the "crunchy" stage.  (Personally, I had no idea dates had stages more than 'ripe' and 'not ripe' until I was checking this, but there it is.)  Anyway, dates grow on Palm Trees, and this doesn't look at all like a Palm, so I'm not quite sure what the deal is.  Anyone?  Bueller?
Verbena.  I love how the cluster is made of complete little flowers, but that the individual flowers aren't all the same color.  We have these growing outside my apartment building and for the longest time I didn't know what they were.  So another thing I learned by taking the tour. :)
This is the flower of a Chinese Lantern Tree.  I think the reason for the name is pretty obvious.  What I found really interesting was that the bottom part of this flower is so much like the insides of a hibiscus.

 Here's one of the hibiscus shots I put up yesterday.  Notice the similarity?

This is called a Lollipop Plant or a Golden Shrimp Plant.  As I'm not a huge fan of seafood, I'm going to go with Lollipop. :)

I *thought* this yellow part was the flower...

Until I saw the actual flowers coming out of another stem.  Turns out the yellow part is actually called a bract and is made of specialized leaves, not flower petals.  See, another reason to take the tours when you can.

Okay, that's it for the LPC.  Next I'll get up the shots from the walk through the lily pond and the North Pond that I did after we left the LPC. :)

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