Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lincoln Park Conservatory - 8.21.10 - Post 1

So yesterday I went to the Lincoln Park Conservatory with a group I belong to, and we decided to take the free tour. I've been there a half-dozen times, but I've never taken the tour. Note to self: when you can, take the free tour. You learn a lot and see things you might overlook.

This post is on the orchid room. I've spent plenty of time in the orchid room, but I've never noticed this one before.

Black Orchid
It's called a Black Orchid for obvious reasons. I've seen a number of plants that are called 'black' before. Most of them are either a very dark green or purple. This was actually black. It looks like there's a spider in there or something.

Creepy Orchid Up Close
Here's a close up of the black bit. I love the stripes at the top and the two 'fangs' at the bottom.

Slash of Color

I chose this shot because I like the composition. There's this slash of bright pink across the muted background.

When is a Moth Not an Insect?

This is called a Moth Orchid because the petals look like a moth.

Frilly and Purple

The tour told us there were over 5000 species of orchids and that people are constantly creating new hybrids. This is one of the hybrids. Very flashy and frilly.

Stems of Pink Moth Orchids

Another color of moth orchids. These grow in denser groups on the stems.

Lady-Slipper Orchid

This is a Lady Slipper Orchid. I think you can see why. :)

Flower Wearing a Dress

Here's the whole lady. :) I didn't catch the name of this particular species, but they always remind me of a woman in Victorian dress.

A Dash of Purple on White
One of the things I like about orchids is that they grow on stems that don't have leaves 'cluttering up' the view of the flower.

Tie-Dye Is Back In

So you can get some really great close ups of the flower without having to touch or move or tuck away things you aren't interested in.

Okay, that's it for the orchid room. I'll get the hibiscuses (hibiscii?) and others up later. :)


  1. Orchids have never particularly been my favorite flowers, but I may have to change my opinion on this quite soon.

  2. I like them for how insanely different they can be from each other. They all have five petals (so said our guide), but the slippers look different from the moth look different from the Cattleya.

    Glad you liked these. :)