Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chicago Done Naturally (Post 10 of 10) - Michigan Avenue and other Public Ways

First of all, I have to say that there really is a webpage for everything ever invented or even thought of.  Yes, there is a page about the flowers you can find planted around Chicago.

I know this sounds like the strangest idea in the world for shooting living things. But Chicago has a major hang up on the “urbos en hortos” thing. (Which is me butchering Latin for “City in a Garden”.)

Every spring they plant thousands of flowers and plants in the garden plots between the street and the sidewalks on major streets like the Mag Mile and State Street in the Loop.

Near the Water Tower (Chicago Ave. and Michigan) there are gardens of tulips in the spring. Every two months or so through September or October they change the plants to put in something new in bloom. There are lilies and waterfalls in the fall, and a variety of things in the summer. So if you’re here to ‘be a tourist’, but still want to get some good nature shots, take your camera with you as you ‘do Chicago’.

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