Friday, July 5, 2013

A Few More Videos... Costa Rica, Part 6

Then the pictures will start in earnest...

We did the hike to the waterfall at the hanging bridges. It was a LOT of uphill and we moved very, very quickly. Oy.

 Oh, and by the way, while flipping a still shot is easy enough with this camera, the video remains in landscape orientation. So when you turn the camera 90 degrees to shoot in portrait, what you get is a waterfall that goes from right to left when you download it. I flipped it back in Quicktime, but if it still looks a little whackadoodle, that's why.

Here's one from the J.W. Marriott grounds.  It wasn't on the schedule, but the two Caravan tour guides very kindly offered to get up and do a 7:00 a.m. nature walk with those of us who were interested.  It was probably my very favorite part of the entire ten days.  We didn't leave the hotel grounds.  They're something of a gated community with a fair chunk of the rain forest right in their gates.  After snapping a bazillion stills of the butterflies it occurred to me that the best way to really illustrate just how insanely many there were of them would be to video a random bush.  This wasn't an intensely densely populated bush.  There were many, many flowering bushes that actually *moved* with the power of all the take offs and landings.

And then, of course, there was my last hotel.  It was the Quality Inn in San Jose.  WAY less upscale than the first San Jose hotel and, of course, a huge step down from the Marriott, but it was a lot more like the hotel rooms I'm used to renting for myself. :)

Alrighty then!  That's it for the videos.  Tomorrow I should be able to start posting all six billion photos!

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