Saturday, July 13, 2013

Reflecting on the Rivers - Costa Rica, Part 10

So I'm going to post these without much comment.  One of the trips we took by river in Tortugero went down the Cano Negro - the Black Channel.  The water here isn't dirty, it's full of tanins like at Corkscrew Swamp (which I swore I'd posted about before, but can't find now).  Anyway, tanins are what you find in tea that causes your water to go from clear to brown when you steep it.  Which explains why the river looks like a giant tea flow. :)

By the time we had this trip, the storms had finally passed and the sun was clear and bright.  When it hit the dark and extremely still water, the reflections were amazing.  Even when the boat moved through, the edges of the water stayed very still.

So here are a bunch of amazing reflection shots.

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