Tuesday, July 9, 2013

And now the photos begin - My first view of the beautiful tierra verde - Costa Rica, Part 7

Okay, it took me a week, but I've finally completed the import/sort/keyword part of my workflow.  I had over 10,000 shots when I came home, so you can understand why it took a few days. :) Don't worry, I won't be subjecting you to all of them.  Just most of them. ;)

Weirdly enough for me, I feel like starting with the landscape and scenery shots.

I already showed you some of the amazing clouds we saw on the flight over.  Today's post is also shots from the way in.  My first views of Costa Rica.

This first shot shows just how high we were flying.  I mean, I knew we were up above the clouds, but usually that just means seeing a clear, light blue sky.  We were up in that area you see when people launch their GoPro or cell phone into 'outer space' on a weather balloon.  The sky is hitting that dark blue that eventually fades into space-black.

This is my first view of the ground when we broke back down through the clouds.  My first impression was, "Damn.  That is a *green* country."  Shot somewhat ruined by the weird covering over the plane window glass. :(

This was my favorite view.  You'd think not one human lived here.  It's so green, so natural.  There's not a speck of human effect on the land.
As we came in you could really start to appreciate the color that dominated the entire landscape.  You could also start seeing little dots of houses and buildings.  But there's still nothing like a large tract of deforested land.  It's all still so deeply green.

We were just a minute or two from the ground when we could start seeing roads and towns and things.  But on the whole, I'd discover, the population here was highly concentrated in San Jose (and although it's SJO airport, you aren't actually IN San Jose when you land, so we weren't really seeing the city proper from the air) so when you're in the country, you find that it's pretty rural and rustic.  And beautiful.  (Again, this is shot with the point and shoot through the airplane window, and I just couldn't correct it to make it less hazy.)

Okay, tomorrow, the ground from... you know, the ground. :)

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