Monday, July 2, 2012

Chicago Gay Pride Parade - Post 6 - Signs of the Times (epsilon) - 6.24.12

So I was mentioning that there was one more set of signs, that were all from one group.  It's a group, that in about ten years of going to the parade, I don't remember ever seeing before.

It's a GLTB (I'm assuming it's all inclusive, even though everyone in the parade was a guy) sobriety group.

Talk about people who could be in a closet in a closet in a closet...  So I think it's pretty cool that these guys got up and marched in the parade.

 Right down to your undies... at least as far as we can see. ;)
 I find the one on the left interesting.  "You're only as sick as your secrets".  I can't decide if I have a problem with it or not.  I think sometimes we need secrets.  But in their context, I guess it's not quite as... problematic.  I don't know...

The guy on the right has one of the weirder signs.  It says (since I'm sure you can't read it through the glare), "I texted what to whom last night?!"

 Not much to say here, other than, "You go!"

 Another one where I didn't really get a good shot of the sign.  It says, "Grateful to be sober, Proud to be Gay."

"Where's my car?"  I'm guessing if you don't know, you aren't sober enough to be driving it, so...?

But what's interesting is the juxtaposition of some of these signs.  "Where's my car?" guy is right next to "You'll never have to be alone" guy.

Anyway, I thought their signs were interesting.  Mostly because about half of them were so incredibly serious... the other half were decidedly not.

T-shirts tomorrow, then I think I'll start on the folder I have labeled "Outfits or the Lack Thereof". ;)

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  1. these are so great. I always find signs at mass rallies fascinating, too; glad there's someone else who likes to photograph them.