Monday, February 20, 2012

Very Large Furniture - Archtectural Artifacts, Post 8

So some of the pieces in this place were just plain huge. And ridiculously old.

This is a pair of old French mirrors.  Very old, very huge - I'm guessing around ten feet tall - and I totally can't figure out who would buy these things.  I can't think of a decor used today that these would go with even a little bit.

(And yes, that's a camera obscured self-portrait.)

 Adding to the "seriously, who is the intended market for these things?" is this:  The $14,000 price tag.  My *car* cost just a bit more than that when it was brand new.  These are mirrors.  And again, I appreciate 'old/antique'.  I appreciate various aesthetics.  But I just can't see integrating these things into a house.  I keep thinking something like this should be in a museum or historical-society home that no one lives in but school kids tour six or eight times a day.
Next to the huge, old mirrors was this massive vertical file.  It was about six feet tall and maybe eight feet wide.  It would take up most of a wall.  I can't imagine it wasn't made for library use or maybe an office that needed to store a ton of records before computers were invented.

But I'm pretty sure it was used in someone's house before coming to AA.

 The original tags are all numbers or ranges of numbers.  Like Dewey decimal numbers or inventory numbers.  But apparently the last owner was a collector of certain toys and oddities.  This shot shows that what used to hold something labeled "893 - 895" last held Tab Bottles.  Anyone else around here old enough to remember the soft drink Tab?  Came in pink cans before it came off the market.  Came in bottles with pink labels before that.  My mom used to drink it and a friend of mine who lived in Tennessee used to on very regular hunts to find the stuff once it was discontinued.

This row held 1981 Happy Meal Toys.  Specifically Miss Piggy and Kermit toys.  The middle drawer had  1985 Camp Snoopy toys and the far right drawer had the 1977 action series glasses.  Again... am I the only one old enough to remember when you could get glass glasses from McDonald's?  We had a whole set of them when I was growing up.  Hamburgler, Grimace, Ronald, Mayor McCheese...  What was up with McDonald's not having any female characters?

This one says "1935 Hot Wheels" but I'm pretty sure the number and the item have nothing to do with each other.  First of all, Hot Wheels started producing cars around the same time I was born... roughly 1972.  But also, the black numbers seem to be the original labeling while the fading red marker seems to go with the latest owner's collecting.

 The part of me who wants to be WAY more organized than I am, would love to have something like this where I could label things and have a place for everything and everything in its place.  But at $2400 (and with a walk-up apartment that's on the 4th floor), this isn't the way I'll be doing it any time soon. :)

I also have to wonder about the owners/managers labeling a given item as "cool" (see the top left corner of the tag.)  Does that mean that anything they don't label *isn't* cool?  Should we not buy something not labeled 'cool' for fear of being uncool?  And who are they to decide whether or not something is cool or not for everyone.  And that's really what it meant.  There were several signs around the warehouse that had this on it.  It wasn't a weird inventory number or anything.  It really is just telling you "this thing is awesome... at least someone around here thinks so."  Weird.

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