Friday, February 3, 2012

Lest the Women's Room Feel Left Out - Architectural Artifacts, Post 3

Okay, so... back on track today.  Back to the bathrooms at Architectural Artifacts.

So the women's room was about as interesting as the men's.  Slightly less with the massive amounts of toilet paper (which, seemed a little bass-ackwards to me, but so be it).

Front of the Door

Most of them are pretty straight forward. I still find "females" an interesting label.  Also, like the men's room 'engineer' and stuff, I find it interesting that "Hospital toilet" is determined to be a woman's domain.  Also, why would you ever have to label it as a "hospital toilet"?  I mean, if it's in the hospital... isn't it a given that it's a hospital toilet?  If it's from (as it kind of seems to me) a military ship or something, why do you need to denote that it's the *hospital* toilet and not just, you know, the toilet in that part of the ship.  Who cares where it is, as long as it's a toilet, right?  I don't even...
More signs on the inside.  Nothing amazingly interesting.  Other than the fact that the room is so small, that I couldn't even, with my smallest lens, pull back far enough to get all the signs in one shot.

 So here's the rest of them.  Again, nothing drastically entertaining or weird or anything.  Just a whole lot of signs telling you where you are.  (As if the big porcelain 'chair' in the corner wasn't a big enough clue ;).

Reflections of a bathroom sign (or a few)
There was a large mirror on the wall opposite the actual toilet.  Not tilted far enough that you could see yourself from there (because that would just be disturbing), but it lets you see the signs above where you're sitting. Only, you know, they're in a mirror, so they're backwards.  It was all just a bit odd.

Here are those signs the right way around.  I do like the "Queens" sign.  That's a nice change of pace. :)  Also, next to it?  Probably the largest span of unused wall space in the entirety of the operation.  And this place is massive.

And just very quickly, while I know I've discussed this before, this is a great place to stop and look at White Correction.  I didn't realize how yellow the incandescent lights were in the bathrooms when I was shooting, so I didn't change the setting. I manually corrected it in the version above, but a post-production color correction, in my opinion, is never quite as good as capturing it right in the first place.

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