Friday, February 10, 2012

Going to the Crystal Ball - Architectural Artifacts, Post 5

There was this huge dining-style table upstairs that was completely covered in strands and random bits of crystal that, I assume, came off chandeliers and other fancy-pants decorations from days gone by.

Crystal Commotion
The good news was there was an old 1920's style bar set right across the aisle from it.  Which meant that I could prop my camera up on it to do some long exposure work.  Even with tinkering with the color both in the camera in in post they still seem a little more yellow than they were in real life.  Again, really lousy incandescent lights.  But still... very pretty and shiny.

Crystal Close-up
Here's a bit a little closer, taken with my macro lens.  Shooting crystals, even when the light isn't great, is tough because you have light bouncing off the facets and different shapes at all kinds of weird angles and at various intensities.
There were some dark brown and more amberish crystals tossed into the mix.  They made the light metering tough because there was no longer a uniform coloring or a uniform depth to the shots.

If I ever go back, I'll probably try to pull out one or just a few and do some isolated shots with them.

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