Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So here we are... a photography blog...

So I'm looking at 213 gigs of photos taken in the last year or so and wondering what to post as my first few 'introductory' shots...

This is hard.

So for now I'm going to grab the first five things I see in my archives that I like.

First of all, why everyone who has a DSLR should have a macro telephoto lens.

[Bee on a Bleeding Heart]

Another good reason. I'll post an article I did for something else in a few days about great places to go shooting in Chicago. This happens to be at the South Pond in Lincoln Park.

[Striped Dragonfly on a Blade of Grass]

This is a Black Crowned Night Heron. I was shocked to find out that this bird lives in Chicago. On one walk I saw seven of them in the North Pond. The first one I ever saw was in a swamp in Florida - they grow their herons a little bigger down south. But still, this is a pretty impressive bird to find just steps from Lake Shore Drive.

I did quite a bit of editing on this one, but I do love how it came out. I fixed the horizon, made it black and white and turned up the brightness just a bit. This is a build up of ice on the wooden pylons in Lake Michigan in late February. They remind me of Eagle wings.
[Ice Wings]

I love quirky! This was shot at the Green City Market last fall.

[Magic Beans]

So that's post one. Feel free to comment or ask questions. Let's get some discussion going!

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