Saturday, July 24, 2010

Chicago Done Naturally (Post 8 of 10) - The Field Museum

Okay, this place skirts the edge of what I’m covering here, but there are a lot of natural things to shoot. Of course, there’s Sue the dinosaur. Her body is in the main hall, with a replica head. Her head is upstairs in the paleontology area. (It’s too heavy to mount on the rest of the skeleton). There’s a fabulous selection of rocks and minerals upstairs too. Really pretty stuff.

The Field has a really strange rule: You need a tripod permit. Not a shooting permit, just one for your tripod. It’s free and you don’t need to justify that you’re shooting for Life Magazine or something special, but they do expect you to go to the Information Desk and get a permit. Then you’ll haul it around with you all day in case someone asks for it (and I did get asked once, so, you know… get one. It’s free.)

To hit: The ancient Egypt exhibit is very cool. There are real mummies in there – wrapped and partially unwrapped. (So if you’re bothered by that sort of thing, be warned.) In the ‘I’m sure someone thought this was a good idea’ department, there’s this very odd illustration:
So if you have small children, be warned and be prepared for questions about why that man is walking around naked and why the museum thought that a non-historical illustration needed to be that anatomically correct.

To miss:
The Field does some fantastic traveling exhibits. Harry Potter, Pirates! and the like… All of them are ‘absolutely no photography allowed’. Which sucks rocks. So don’t go with the express plans of shooting a special show unless you’ve checked with them (usually on the website it’ll say, but call if it doesn’t) and they say it’s okay.

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