Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What a Tangled Web We Weave...

So I missed posting yesterday.  I forgot to toss pictures onto my laptop so I could work on them when I got a chance.  Technically I forgot again today, but I found a folder of pictures I meant to post a long time ago, so I'll post three of those. :)

These are all pictures of spiderwebs from that Sunrise Beach Trip I took last summer.  Once the sun had come up and that particular part of the shoot was over, I walked through the Magic Hedge.  Now it was about 7:00, maybe even 6:30, and there was no one else out there.  The sun had just come up so the place had just opened for the day and it was gorgeous.  The entire park was covered in spiderwebs.  It looked like there was a mist over the grasses and plants, but when you got closer to just about anything, you discovered that, in fact, it was just a crisscrossing of spiderwebs of various kinds.  Funnel webs, fabric-looking webs and good old-fashioned concentric circle webs.  Most of the hosts were no where to be found, but the dew on the strands made them all lovely and interesting.

Waterproof Woven Web
 This was what I meant by fabric-looking webs.  I'm sure it has a different name in the scientific community, but to me it looks like gauze or some kind of chiffon.  I love that it's strong enough to hold up large drops of water without tearing or even sagging.

The construction on this one breaks my brain.  I suspect there has to be a third anchor point off to the right, but I didn't catch it in the shot.  All you see is this amazing web, with strands so close together, yet not touching or tangling, hanging from a stick.
How Dew You Like Me Now?

It looks like this web was made from something about as thick as cotton yarn.  Of course it wasn't, but the dew drops combined with the light shining directly on it to give it so much more dimension. Spiderwebs have kind of been a 'bucketlist' shot for me, because the webs are both amazing and stupidly difficult to shoot well because they're so diaphanous.  Having so much light at such an angle, and hitting the dew collected along the strands made it so much easier, and still just as awesome. 

I'll probably post a few more webs tomorrow before I start on the things I keep meaning to transfer off the hard drive and onto my laptop.  :)

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