Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunrise Shoot at Montrose Beach - 6.31.11 - Post 2

Just a few last shots from the sunrise shoot.

A Not So Misty Morning
I spent a good long while working on this stretch of beach.  As I fiddled with settings and the light changed, I got the same area in so many different ways.  This is a 20 second exposure at f-32.  It makes it lighter than a lot of my other similar shots, but it really gives the water a foggy, misty quality that's in such contrast to the sharpness of the undisturbed sand.
In Contrast

 I like this one for the lens flares on the sun.  I also like that the sun was giving nice sharp silhouettes of *everything*.  If you blow it up, you can see a bicycle on the left and a dog in between the photographers and lots of little details.
Of Puppies and Pictures

I did turn up the contrast on this one just a bit.  I actually had enough light coming in that I could see colors on things like the standing photographer's shirt.  I wanted to blacken them out.  You can see the adorable puppy in this one.  I was so bummed that I didn't get the one I was trying for of the dog jumping up.  It would have been a great action silhouette.
Okay, because I don't have that many shots for this post, I'm blowing this one up.  I *love* the colors in this.  This photo is cropped, but otherwise untouched.  The colors were just like that when I shot it. 

Once the sun was up I walked through the Hedge for a little while.  It had been completely taken over by spiderwebs.  Like I said in the last post, there was a huge dew issue that morning so the spiderwebs were... they were astonishing.  And good spiderweb shots are a bit of a bucket-list shot for me.  So I spent about an hour and a half on them.  I'll get them up next.

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