Saturday, January 28, 2012

Architectural Artifacts, post 2 - Making Sales in the Men's Room

So here's post two on the AA trip. Even as big as this place was, there was no space left unused for salable items.  So, if you're looking for a vintage men's room sign, you can find them... you know, on and in the men's room.

Just in case you weren't sure...
This was the front of the bathroom door.  Most are pretty straight forward.  "Men". "Boys".  "Gentlemen". "Caballeros".  Most obviously "Males" (but really, who labels their restroom males/females?") But who says the WC has to be for men?  Last time I checked women use the water closet too.

Or even more stereotypically speaking, engineers, quartermasters and fire[people] can't be women?
 But the one that I find the funniest is that one next to the doorknob in red text.  "W.C. Hombres".  We'll go with the British "W.C.", but the Spanish "Hombres".  I'm sure that made sense to someone somewhere.

And if you're still confused once you come in.

BTW, this is the back of that same door above.  Which means that unless you're a busybody photographer woman, you may not realize there are more options for your bathroom labeling needs inside the men's room.  Because, really, who'd think to go look at the back of the bathroom door for something you need?

So many ways of telling you where they are, they couldn't even all be contained on one door. If you can't read the one in the frame, it says, "WASH HANDS.  The law requires thorough hand washing for all food handlers before beginning work and after using toilet.  $10.00 FINE FOR VIOLATORS.  Evanston Health Department."  A whole $10, huh?

Also, the little white one at the bottom apparently says something like "Bathroom towels $.20".  I'm really hoping that means something like paper towels and not, you know, toilet paper or something.  Because, really, charging for T.P.?  Just wrong. :)  (If someone has a better understanding of that sign PLEASE let me know!  I googled "tohallas" and the best the computer could do was say, "Do you mean 'toallas'?", which, actually made sense.)

For those who *really* hate changing the roll.

And of course, if you'd like a vintage T.P. holder... no better place to find them than in their natural environment.  (Weirdly, the women's room only had one toilet paper holder... but that's tomorrow's post.)

 This just begs the question of "why?", doesn't it?  I mean, where are the flushings going when the train is moving that they can't go when the train is in the station?  What are people supposed to do if more than one person has to go before the train leaves?  I mean... ew!

It reminds me of this shot I took on an Amtrack a few years ago (and then photoshopped just the *slightest* bit.  (I swear, all I did was turn the edges of the hat up just a tad, the rest of the evil imagery was already there.)

By the way, these bathrooms are about six feet square and *horribly* lit.  So shooting in them is a bit of a nightmare.

But they are entertaining... as bathrooms go.

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