Saturday, December 17, 2011

Back from an unexpectedly long hiatus!

So I sort of fell off the face of the Earth for a while there, but I'm back now! And I have some new computer kit that I think will let me update a lot more frequently. It's December, and here in Chicago that means a lot cold and gray and just plain icky outside. Which, for me, means not a whole lot of trips out to shoot. I have a fun one at coffee plant coming up in January, but until then, I'm starting to go through and clean out my absolutely ridiculous photo folder on the great big hard drive. So my plan is that when I don't have a new shoot to talk about, I'm going to post at least three shots I find in the cleaning effort that strike a chord with me on a given day. So he are a few shots of the sky from a day last fall when the clouds were doing some really wild things.
Within a matter of minutes it got darker and then lighter and back and forth for a while.
You can see that it was playing havoc with the light sensors on the street lamps. This one turned on, but the others didn't.
So there's a few shots as we get ready to wind up the year. I'm hoping to post everyday or as close as I can next year so I'm going to try to develop the habit before this year runs out. :) P.S. Please forgive any typos or weird formatting as I figure out the best way to make an iPad post to a photoblog. You'd think it would be exactly the kind of thing it was made for, but so far I've had to download three aps and google three different issues with moving photos around. I suspect I'll get it down to a science soon enough, but there seems to a steeper than expected learning curve on the issue. :)

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