Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rollins Savanna - 9.20.10 - Post 3

And now back to your scheduled programming...

I got distracted there for a few days by finding out that I will, in fact, be able to show in a large local art show, after being initially told that it was sold out.  So now I'm trying to decide which shots to show and what sizes.  If you have a shot you're particularly fond of, or ideas about what makes a photograph commercial, I'd *love* to hear from you!

In the mean time, I was posting about Rollins Savanna...

A Swath of New England Asters
 I love these asters.  For flowers in the fall they were still going strong.  And the way they cut across the frame brings your eyes down and over through the entire shot.

Duck Checks Her Rearview
 The ducks in the three ponds were pretty calm - much calmer than, say, the kildeer. I was able to get up pretty close to this female mallard and then she turned to see what I was up to, which was nice of her. :)
Onto Every Chicory, A Little Rain Must Fall
I'm still quite fond of chicory plants.  I like the jagged edges of the petals and the stark black and white in the center.  As I mentioned back in the first post, it was raining off and on all day, which gave me this beautiful rain splattered flower.

Egret in Flight
 Okay, so getting good shots of birds on the ground or in a tree is still challenge for me, never mind me getting good ones of them in flight.  But this one doesn't suck.  I was even able to crop out the houses he was flying over.
Egret Reflects
 Another egret and reflection.  It was nice of him to stand where there was a patch of un-duckweeded water nearby. ;)
The Frog Remains the Same
 Remember in that other post I mentioned the frog that was sitting by the bridge as I passed by... and was still there, like, two hours later when I came by again?  Here is on my second pass.  I could see him breathing and his eyes are open, so, you know... not dead... but not active either.  On this shot I could see his little froggy toes turned in under his chin.
Tall Heron
 A Great Blue Heron being as tall as he could possibly be on top of a muskrat lodge.
Heart-Shaped Red Admiral
 A Red Admiral on white flowers.    I like that in this shot he's heart-shaped.
Goldenrod and Honeybee
A honeybee on goldenrod.  I can count his stripes. :)

A Pack of Quackers
Like I said, the place was thick with ducks.

Okay, one more post and I'll be done with this trip.  Is it bad that I'm kind of hoping for a week or two of crap weather?  I need some time to catch up!  As it is, it's October in Chicago and it's going to be 80 degrees today and 84 tomorrow.  I think I'm going to need to go out and shoot some more while I can.  Which, you know, is not helping in the "catching up" department.


  1. I *LOVE* the asters and the lone duck, and I'm always a sucker for frogs.

    The asters, though, it's the red in the center of a few flowers that really catches my eye first. It's just a shock of red and then you see the yellow and purple and background, it's so absolutely lovely. Really.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, they really caught my eye because of the change of color in the center.

    I think I now have 5 different purple flowers, so I'm thinking for that show I have in December, I'm going to get a multi-windowed mat and do a set of prints of all purple flowers. (*thinks* Iris, Aster, Bottle Gentian, Great Lobelia, Chicory... yeah, I have at least 5 :)