Monday, April 16, 2012

Plants of Bledsoe Creek - Tennessee, Part 3

There were a fair number of wildflowers growing at this particular park.  Here's hoping my Google-fu will let me figure out at least most of them.

Columbine (2012 - 010)
 This one is columbine.  We have this one in Illinois. :)
Sweet Betsy (2012 - 011)

This is called a Sweet Betsy.  It's in the Trillium family.  The map I found for its range says it does make it up to Illnois, but I get the feeling the map filled in the whole state, even if the plant doesn't appear in all areas.  In this case, I'm guessing it stays further south in the state.  I've never seen one up here in or near Chicago.
 So these are three shots of the same plant.  As my dad and I worked our way through the forest we kept finding large piles of these flowers laying on the path.  Not off the path, just on the path.  And we couldn't find any still on the plant it came from for ages.
 Eventually we stumbled upon this one vine that still had their flowers.  It's called a crossvine.  Like the last flower, it apparently comes up into Illinois, but I've never seen anything even remotely like it up here.  The only climbing vine flowers I've seen in the wild up here are morning glories.
Crossvine (2012 - 012)

Here's a long shot of the crossvine stretching between two trees.

Rhododendron (2012 - 13)
 This is some form of Rhododendron, but from what I see around the web, that's like saying "It's some kind of dog".  There are apparently a ridiculous number of distinct varieties of Rhododendron, and figuring out exactly which one this is is tougher than you'd think.

This appears to be another version of Rhododendron.  This bush was right next to the one above.  And again, with the over 1000 varieties (as listed on one website), I couldn't pin down exactly which kind this one was.

In summary, for my goals:

Total Identified Species Sited for the Year: 13
Total Unidentified Species Sited for the Year: 1
Total New Species: 4

Sweet Betsy

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