Saturday, June 11, 2011

So I went to a Flash Mob and a Wedding Broke Out

I have so very much to say about this, that most of it will have to wait for tomorrow, but I wanted to share this bit, because I found it hysterical.

Today was Chicago's Fourth Annual Zombie March.  Again, I'll go into it all tomorrow, but basically it's an excuse for 2000 people to dress up like Zombies and march around Chicago.

The gathering point is the Bean - Cloudgate - in Millennium Park.  This also happens to be a very popular spot for wedding photography, but it's not the kind of place you call up and reserve.  So, collisions happen.

The first two weddings I saw out there were all very, "OMG zombies... why are there ZOMBIES at my WEDDING?"

The next one... less concerned.  :)

As people started to collect, someone put on Michael Jackson's "Thriller", and about a dozen zombies started dancing.

At one point I look up and notice that there's a wedding (wedding?  With the bride in teal?  If anyone knows of a different celebration this might be, I'd love to hear it, thanks!) gathering around the dancing zombies.

When the song ended and the zombies began to meander off, the guy in the white suit (groom?) taps the zombie with the boom box and asks him to run the song again.

And then the wedding party did "Thriller".

Even the little kid. :)

So while weddings spontaneously breaking out into flash mob-style dances these days is becoming commonplace, I've never heard of a flash mob gathering and having a wedding break out. :)

ETA:  It's been suggested that this may be a  Quinceanera party.  Personally, I've never heard of a Quinceanera that has people coordinating outfits like bridesmaids and groomsmen, but then again, I've never seen a bride in teal before, so...  ?


  1. It could be a QuinceaƱera celebration. That girl looks as if she could be fifteen and the celebrants often wear colorful princess style dresses.

  2. That was my thought when I first saw *her*, but I couldn't reconcile that with everyone else being coordinated, and just the *one* guy in white to stand out.

    I maybe should have asked, eh? :)

  3. Oh wow! That is the most awesome thing ever. Too funny! Lucky you to be there for that. I think more brides should consider colors other than white; it's kind of passe now isn't it? :-)

  4. I had SO much fun yesterday. Loved the blog entries and photos. Great recap! I'm trying to find motivation to do my own but until then I'll just direct people to yours. :)

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  6. Heather, I did too! I'm debating if it'll be too much hassle to dress next year. I'd hate to smother my camera in blood, but... :)

    And yes! Please direct people to my blog. I have 3 posts up now. I'd love the traffic. :)

  7. I dressed up AND I brought my good camera. I didn't get any blood on my camera but a girl with a blood-filled squirt bottle got me a little bit.

    I just read on the group page that there might not be a next year with the way this one went bad with the blood. I was worried about that when I saw all that blood on store windows and stuff. :(

  8. I saw the girl with the blood squirt-bottle. I wondered if/when there'd be a casualty. It just seemed like a bad idea from the word 'go' to be spraying that stuff where there are 'innocent by-standers' and people who only wanted blood in certain places.

    I did hear the one organizer trying to warn people to keep the blood to themselves and to keep people from body slamming themselves into the windows of buildings. I know she was worried that the event was going to get a bad rep for that kind of stuff.