Monday, September 27, 2010

Matthiessen State Park - 9.25.10 - Post 2/2

Okay, here are the rest of the Matthiessen shots... (told you I didn't take many. :)

Stepping on Stones
Because this is a water-worn ravine/canyon, there are lots of places with either flowing or standing water.  Which led to a lot of either natural or concrete stepping stones.  Some of which were more stable than others.  One of our group ended up with one very wet foot. Whoops!
Roots Protrude
Erosion is a huge force in the area, which means that tree roots that were probably under earth or rocks or even water are now exposed.
Tangled Roots
 Here's a tree that's still growing strong even with this much of it's root system exposed to the elements. 
Roots Creeping Across the Terrain
Here's the long shot of that same tree.  Look how far the exposed root system extends.
My Kitchen Tap Has a Faster Flow
 One of two small waterfalls we saw.  It's hard to see from the only angle I could get, but the water at the highest level falls into a small pool and then the pool spills over, very slowly, into the next level down.  You can see that it's more of a water-migration than water-fall at that level as the lower pool is very still and highly reflective.
Sticks and Stones... Don't Break My Bones.  Please.
More stepping stones.  With fallen logs for bonus difficulty.
A Face in the Log
 So then there was this.  A fallen tree right across our path.  Is it me, or does anyone else see a face?

Not the Gator You Thought I Was

It reminded me a lot of this one from Volo Bog.
None May Pass!  Just Kidding.
 Okay, I am, in no way, a fan of graffiti.  But this did amuse me a little.  It's like it's a gargoyle guarding the cavern.
The Ghost of Hikers Present
And one last oddity.  I was running a thirty-second shutter to try and get the back of this cavern.  I didn't realize one of our group had gone back into it to explore the passage that was on the left hand side.  She came out and walked through my frame.  If I ever want to convince someone I've photographed a ghost, I know exactly how to do it now. ;)

Okay, that was it for this hike.  Like I said, I suspect it'll be better in the spring or summer, but I'm not looking to drive 2.5 hours each way again to get there anytime soon.

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