Sunday, May 5, 2013

Willowbrook Wildlife Preserve - 4.25.13

Three of the better findings (from the few findings there were at all) from a short trip to Willowbrook last month...

Muskrat (001-2013)

This guy was my favorite.  He's a muskrat that lives, apparently, in the reedy island in the pond at Willowbrook.  He swam around in front of me, dove down, grabbed that weed he's eating there, swam around some more.  I know he saw me, but other than moving a couple more feet away from the shore, he didn't seem fussed by me at all.  He certainly didn't make any attempt to disappear from sight!

Blue Heron (002-2013)
This blue heron flew right over my head (obviously) at about 20 or 25 feet up while I was watching the muskrat.  Nice of him to make it so easy for me to get him in the air.

Brown Thrasher (003 - 2013)
This is a brown thrasher.  I'm still trying to sort out why they're such a big deal. I seem to find them most places I go looking, but the other people I run into at the Magic Hedge seem to think they're notable.  If I figure out why, I'll let you know. :)

2013 List

Okay, in less than two months I'm going on my first *international* trip since getting the good camera, so I really need to start keeping track of my findings for the year, because pretty soon I'll have some that I may never get again. :)

Sightings in color are being documented by me for the first time. :)


  1. Muskrat
  2. Three-toed Sloth [005-2013]
  3. Howler Monkeys [006-2013]


  1. Blue Heron
  2. Brown Thrasher
  3. White Winged Dove [004-2013]


  1. Green Sea Turtle [007-2013]